Rev. Matthew Elie, Pastor

Rev. Msgr. John W. McEvilly, V. G.,
In Residence

Deacon Tim DeRousse

Blessed Sacrament - Queen of Peace
Parish Partnership

The Parish Partnership Committee is continuing its efforts to identify and execute activities and programs that can serve to bring both parishes together in productive and faith-filled ways. Now that we are sharing one priest it is incumbent upon us all to recognize and meet the new challenges we face in living our faith in our parish communities.

Good progress has been made in the formation of a youth ministry program and plans are underway for sponsoring social events that bring our two parishes together in a spirit of fellowship. 

Anyone with ideas on how to further strengthen our Parish Partnership is urged to contact the parish office or Partnership Committee Member. All parishioners are strongly encouraged to pray for our continued partnership efforts.

Committee Member’s are: Rusty Asbury, Jim Bozsa, Grace Burnworth, Deacon Tim DeRouse, Fr. Matt Elie, Claire Goelz, Rose Gomric, Claire Hatch, Jim Kassly, Pat Keefe, Sharon Needham, Carol O’Brien, Anna O’Gara, Brian Sorgea, Karen Vick, Michelle Tidwell, Deb Zoeller