Studies have shown that music instruction can benefit language development, brain activity and improve test scores, in addition to enriching our cultural lives.

Students at Blessed Sacrament have several opportunities to participate in and learn music.


Students get to put their note reading skills they learn in the primary grades to use as they learn to play an instrument in band. Our pre-band experience begins in third grade as students are taught to read traditional notation as they play the recorder. The recorder classes get to play with the St. Louis Symphony Orchestra each Spring at the Link Up Concert at Powell Hall.

Upon entering fourth grade, students get to choose to play flute, clarinet, alto saxophone, trumpet, trombone baritone or percussion. Students meet two times a week and work on basic technique, which they share in a Christmas and Spring concert. Students in Fifth to Eighth grade may continue playing in our concert band, which also performs at the Christmas and Spring concerts, as well as participating in the Belleville Marathon, Althoff Music Festival, and the Catholic Music Association Solo and Ensemble Contest.


Students in all grades have the opportunity to participate in our church choir in partnership with Queen of Peace school. The choir performs at our monthly Family Mass as well as select school special liturgies. The students learn the music for the Mass during their regular music classes and they gather a half hour before the Masses to rehearse together. The Partner Parish Children’s Choir sings monthly, alternating between Blessed Sacrament and Queen of Peace churches. The students learn basic vocal production skills, ensemble skills, the structure of the Mass, and how to work with members of their partner parish.

For more information about our music program, contact Mr. Rusty Asbury,