Benefits of a Catholic Education

Catholic schools aim to create a strong bond among the students, home, school, and church in an effort to build an active, supportive community. The school and church work in partnership with the family in helping to advance students academically, morally, and spiritually. As a result, students understand their special place within society and are ready to step-up to the challenge of being a better person in today’s world.

While there are many advantages of a Catholic education, we’ve put together a few of the most compelling benefits to consider:

A spiritual view of the world 

Catholic education is focused on more than the standard subjects taught in public schools, they also focus on religious, moral, and spiritual development.

Community altruism

Catholic schools put an extra emphasis on community service and ministries in support of the church. They challenge students to give back in their communities, and they expect students to lead by example and to show care and concern for others.


Catholic schools are committed to the formation of sound character, teaching students the value of self-discipline and self-respect. They put a strong emphasis on teaching students to be accountable for their own actions.

Exposure beyond the basics 

Many Catholic schools provide unmatched arts and science programs that teach coding and computer science, literature, and music, providing students the chance to expand their knowledge and skills beyond basic curriculum.

Welcoming environment 

Catholic schools teach that each person is unique and valuable, and that we must all be accepting of others. 

Passionate staff

Catholic School teachers and faculty are highly qualified professionals who love what they do. They are committed to developing the whole child – both morally and academically – so that every student is prepared to succeed. 

Highest standards

Catholic schools encourage their students to strive for high academics and participation in the classroom. This teaches students to always work to be their best in everything they do in life. Research has shown that Catholic school students score significantly above the national averages on standardized testing.

While not all students who attend Catholic schools are Catholic, all are welcome into the community. Best of all, the benefits of a Catholic education reach far beyond the school years by contributing to both personal and professional success in life.