SCHOLAR BOWL TEAM : Blessed Sacrament School's Scholar Bowl Team has remained undefeated the last two seasons and has won the diocesan scholar bowl match against all other schools in the area. Last year they also defeated all schools, both public and private, in the three county area at the Mater Dei Catholic High School Invitational. They also won the Althoff Catholic High School Feeder tournament, defeating all other grade schools.

CHESS TEAM : We have a growing chess team that continues to be highly competitive against schools in the area.


SPEECH AND DRAMA : Our speech team continues to be a leading competitor in the Speech League every year when competing against other schools. Most team members win a first place or superior award at every speech meet. Several students have won oratorical contests at the local, regional, and state levels.

ART AWARDS : Many students have received art awards when entering local, state, and national art contests. There is a certified artist teaching the students each week.

WRITING AWARDS : Because of a very strong writing and language department, Blessed Sacrament students have won numerous writing awards. Some students have had works published in books and magazines.

SCIENCE/MATH AWARDS : Our students have won numerous math and science awards in competitions offered at the local, state, and national level.

 6th grade Dio Champs

MUSIC/BAND AWARDS : Students continue to rank at the first place or superior level when entering the local, regional, and state competitions.

SPORTS : Blessed Sacrament has a strong athletic department with diocesan championships in volleyball, basketball, soccer, baseball, softball, and track.